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SWMR Company Directory

Our Employees Give Us the Competitive Edge

We are a family corporation that strives to provide the best career opportunities for our employees and those closest to them. We take pride in knowing that our employees give us a competitive advantage in the industry. Our leadership team is focused on empowering our people by supporting their goals and helping them find meaning in what they do.

Executives and Directors

Don is the founder and CEO of SWMR. Prior to starting SWMR in 2004  Don graduated from Keller School of Management/DeVry University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. A 15-year career with GE Healthcare followed, where he cultivated highly technical experience in Medical Imaging. 

His time there culminated in his leadership of the West region installation and special projects team, whose function was to completely manage the process of installing a 53-million-dollar annual backlog. Don’s vision and leadership has produced a four-company core group with a multi-million dollar annual revenue. He is the sole owner of 3 companies and the majority stakeholder in the 4th. 

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer,

Currently serving as our Chief Sales Officer, Don’s industry experience began in elementary school, accompanying Southwest Medical Resources’ founder, Don McCormack, on service calls. He began his employment with SWMR in the warehouse and held several key positions, including Project Engineer, Remote Service Engineer, Account Manager, Procurement Manager, and most recently CSO. Don oversees capital equipment sales, contract sales, part sales, procurement, marketing, and iCare, SWMR’s customer service division. Don is bringing a focus of analytics and processes to the sales, marketing, and customer service departments with an emphasis on giving customers the ability to see the progress of their project, service call, or part sale in real time.

Don attended California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo majoring in Industrial Technology. Don is continuing his studies currently at Penn State World Campus majoring in Business Finance. 

Chief Sales Officer,

With a Bachelors Degree in Technical Management and an Associates Degree in Computer and Electronic Technology from DeVry University, Randy became the first employee of South West Medical Resources at only 20 yeas old. With a surge in customer demand, Randy’s role quickly became a much needed install and de-install division. Randy’s current role is now Chief Technical Officer (CTO), where he is responsible for all of the support and Product teams. Randy has helped to build and transition SWMR into the world-class service organization it is today.

Chief Technical Officer,

Sean Mykleby is President and Founder of Thermo Magnetics & Cryogens, Inc. (TMC), which operates as a SWMR affiliated company. Sean studied Thermo Dynamic Engineering at Ferris State University before beginning his 18+ year career in healthcare. Prior to founding TMC, Sean developed a deep foundational knowledge of MRI systems with a special interest in superconducting magnets and cryogenics. Sean’s diverse experience includes OEMs, independent service companies, and multiple start-ups. Through those experiences, Sean has a strong Six Sigma background and holds an MRI Noise Reducing Patent. Sean is become a passionate leader fiercely commited to leading his teams with integrity.

In his current role, Sean continues bringing innovative solutions to market that help customers leverage more efficient technology, reduce operating costs, and provide world-class care to patients.


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