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Parts Plus

Parts, Support, Repair, Refurbishment

We have what you need.

From MRI coils and CT tubes to PET detectors and helium, our huge inventory of parts is system tested and standing by to support your every need. Our parts depot is staffed 24/7 for expedited deliveries to locations worldwide. On-site support is available nationwide. Plus, with every part sale, SouthWest provides availability to a qualified Technical Support Engineer to assist you.

✔ GE MRI, CT, and PET CT Parts and support

✔ 24/7/365 tech support with all parts sales

✔ More than $50 million in parts inventory

✔ All parts system tested

✔ Coil: repairs, refurb, replacement, loaners

✔ Nationwide courier services & forward stocking locations

✔ Parts contracts: tiered pricing & discounts available

✔ 90 day warranty standard

✔ Internal test/repair Engineers

Tested and Protected Parts for Your System

Testing Process
We strive to ensure our parts are the most reliable in the marketplace. At our California headquarters, we have designed an emulation environment catered specifically to testing parts, including MRI coils, CT tubes, system cabinet boards and an array of process boards. Staffing our testing bays are a team of experienced technicians and engineers who perform the same tests on parts utilized by GE.

SouthWest Medical Resources guarantees the parts we repair in-house – which hold 90 –  180 day warranties with technical support included.

Outright Exchange
SwMR has an extensive inventory of parts that are available for outright sales. Contingent upon the condition of the part, some require an exchange. Our sales representatives are committed to identifying the right part to fix your equipment.

Additional Features

  • One-time services and special projects 
  • Install/deinstall
  • Ramp/shim (passive/supercon)
  • Advanced on-siteT&M services
  • Emergency helium/magnet services 
  • Hourly billed service options
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