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MRI Cryogen and Liquid Helium Service

MRI Cryogen Service

SWMR helium

It is no secret that MRI liquid-helium-related incidents can quickly escalate if the MRI cryogen subsystem is not actively monitored. It only takes one high magnet-pressure incident or power-outage event to impact the patient’s schedule and center’s revenue. We provide proactive solutions for your MRI liquid-helium efficiency with the industry-leading MRI cryogen service by SouthWest Medical Resources.

Our expert team of cryogen technicians perform a full MRI liquid-helium subsystem efficiency evaluation to identify any cryogen leaks and ensure peak performance for your MRI system.

Avoid system down time with 24/7 smart active monitoring.

MRI Liquid Helium Fill Service

SouthWest Medical Resources is a premier service provider for your MRI liquid-helium. As a medical imaging equipment service provider, we understand the importance of ensuring you have a reliable supply of liquid helium. Our white-glove MRI cryogen service ensures you’ll never have to reschedule patients for any cryogen-related events. 

Our team of cryogenic technicians provide year-round maintenance and expedited service for your MRI liquid-helium emergencies. 

Safety is always our first priority! All liquid helium is supplied in non-ferrous cryogen-safe tanks with 100, 250, and 500 liters of capacity.

Demand for liquid helium is at an all time high with supplies limited for the foreseeable future. Reserve your liquid-helium supply and avoid the inevitable price increase with our industry-leading Helium Zero Program. 

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  • 24/7 Active Monitoring with Smart Mobile Alerts
  • Worry-Free Full-Service Magnet Maintenance
  • GE MRI, Siemens MRI, Philips MRI, Canon MRI Compatibility 
  • Rapid Liquid-Helium Delivery and Magnet-Fill Services
  • MRI Quench Recovery
  • Maintenance Services for Cryogenic Subsystems
  • Magnet De-Icing
  • Coldhead Replacement Service
  • All Parts In Stock!
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