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Never Reschedule Another Patient
Due to Equipment Downtime

24/7 Service & Support for Your Biomedical/Diagnostic Imaging Machines

Expert Troubleshooting and Repair
for MRI, CT, and PET/CT

SouthWest Medical Resources provides expert troubleshooting and repair services for your MRI, CT, and PET/CT systems. Our team of qualified engineers provide 24/7 support so your imaging center never has to reschedule a patient due to service. Whether you’re scheduling routine maintenance or your system is down, SouthWest Medical Resources has the right service solution for you.

We're There When You Need Us

Hourly Billed Services (HBS) and National Escalation Services

Headquartered in Southern California with easy access to 5 different airports, local and international, SWMR has always prioritized fast shipping and service for our customers. We recently opened a new facility near Chicago, Illinois to better meet the growing demand for highly specialized service engineers for MRI, CT, and PET /CT imaging.

MRI Service

new vs refurbished medical equipment
  • MRI Installation Service
  • Mobile MRI Lease Options
  • Expert Diagnosis and Repair
  • 24/7 Service & Support
  • MRI Parts Plus Supplier
  • MRI Coldhead Replacement Service
  • Planned Maintenance Service
  • MRI Coil Repair Service
  • 24/7 Smart-System Monitoring
  • MRI Liquid-Helium Fill Service
  • Full-Service Magnet Maintenance
  • Hourly-Billed Service, PM-Only, and Full-Service Contracts Available

CT Service

  • CT Service
  • CT Installation Service
  • CT Upgrade Service
  • Mobile CT Lease Options
  • Expert Diagnosis and Repair Service
  • 24/7 Remote CT Monitoring
  • CT Tube Replacement Service
  • CT Tube Coverage Contract
  • Full-Service Contract Options
  • Glass-Only Contracts, PM-Only and Hourly-Billed Service Available
  • 24/7 Service & Support
  • CT Parts Always in Stock
Top CT service company, biomedical imaging repair service

PET/CT Service

SWMR refurbished parts
  • PET/CT Installation Service
  • PET/CT Upgrade Service
  • Mobile PET/CT Lease Options
  • Expert Diagnosis and Repair Service
  • 24/7 Remote PET/CT Monitoring
  • PET/CT Source Pin Replacement
  • 24/7 Service & Support
  • PET/CT Parts Always In Stock
  • Full-Service, Hourly-Billed Service and Glass-Only Contract Available

Helium Zero Program

Helium Zero is a program designed to help imaging centers and hospitals save thousands of dollars per year on MRI liquid helium costs by increasing your cryogen subsystem efficiency. 

Modern magnets should NOT lose helium. With the Helium Zero Program, they no longer have to.

Some key features include:

  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring with Smart Alerts (No Nuisance Alerts)
  • Monitor Magnet Pressure, Liquid Helium Levels, and Water Chiller Flow Rate/Temperature
  • Remote Reset After a Power Outage
  • Temperature/Humidity Monitoring in the Scan Room, Operator Room, and Equipment Room
  • Reduce System Downtime
  • Avoid Expensive Repairs and Rising Costs of Liquid Helium
  • 24/7 Support Service with Fast Responses 
  • Proactive Approach/Preventative Measures
  • All Parts and Replacements Covered Under Contract (Coldheads, Coldhead Lines, Compressors, and Absorbers)

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring coverage includes helium levels/pressure, error logs, equipment-room temperature & humidity, water-chiller status, water flow, updates, and much more. Protect your assets and your patients with Remote Diagnostic Services from SouthWest.

remote monitoring
  • Helium Level and Leak Detection
  • Magnet Pressure and Control
  • Coldhead Temperatures Status and Remote Reset
  • Compressor Error Report
  • Chiller Diagnostics
  • Heater Duty Cycle
  • Scan Tracking
  • Temperature, Humidity & Dewpoint Monitoring
  • Minute & Hour Reporting and Pin-Pointed Diagnostics
  • System Error Logs and Image Artifacts (HIPPA Compliant) 
  • 24/7 Expert Phone Support and Text/Email Alerts
  • Optional Power Meter 

Magnet & Tube Maintenance

SWMR offers an array of maintenance services on magnets, ranging from magnet shimming and ramping to rebuilding Sumitomo coldheads and compressors to stabilizing cryogen levels. Our engineers are on standby to complete any maintenance task to manufacturer specifications. Our cryogen subsystem contracts for magnets comprise a 3-year minimum coverage on coldheads, compressors, lines, and helium fills to avoid damage to the system and sustain a safe scanning environment for patients and technicians.

SWMR is a premier Dunlee X-Ray tube dealer. We work closely with Dunlee engineers to assure quality operation; in fact, we have our own in-house X-Ray tube assembly and an abundant supply of refurbished tubes. We can provide tube changes, installations, and calibrations on GE CT or PET/CT systems, and our expertise is truly unmatched in the industry. Our tube maintenance contracts consist of a 3-year minimum agreement that covers only the services your business demands. Need your tube replaced? We’ve got you. 

Shared Care
This contract gives our customers the ability to limit costs and share the risk without exposure to unacceptable levels.

CT services
24/7 support

Contract Options

Full Service
Our comprehensive coverage includes maintenance on all parts, scalable labor hours, or 24/7 service. Our field engineers will ensure your system is functioning correctly, if not they will repair, troubleshoot, calibrate, or tune-up as needed. 

Planned Maintenance (PM)
A PM-only contract encompasses the required OEM visits during your contract period to keep your system running efficiently with maximized image quality. With a PM contract, discounts on labor and parts are available.

Hourly Billed
One-time direct services to satisfy your imaging equipment needs. Whether you are looking for an engineer to repair a magnet or tube or a team of engineers to install or remove a system, we have the right training and experience to make your facility perform efficiently.

Additional Contract Options

  • Labor Only
  • Parts Only
  • RDU
  • Support/ Training
  • Customizable MSAs
  • HeliumZero
  • MMA

Our Team Is Your Team

With SWMR, you have access to our experienced team of OEM-trained and Vendormate-certified technicians. Their aim is to provide the best diagnostic imaging equipment repair services. We are here for you 24/7 — with national coverage, expert technical support, phone support, and a commitment to keeping your equipment running and your operation flowing.

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