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Looking to Upgrade the Software In Your GE MRI Machine?

Then this is the place to start.

Whether you’re facing an end-of-life dilemma for your 9x or 11x MRI systems, or your facility is seeking to advance the kinds of scans made available to your patient base, it may be time to upgrade the software and, subsequently, increase the coil channels in your GE MRI machines. But how do you know what you’re getting in terms of applications and options for each upgrade?

Same Magnet, New Capabilities

The heart of your scanner is the magnet – most likely the industry standard LCC CXK4 magnet. The core function of the magnet – to create a strong magnetic field – remains constant (as does the zero boil-off cooling system) no matter the electronics and coil channels surrounding it.

The GE continuum is unique from any other OEM because this platform allows you to add additional technologies and capabilities to your MRI system by upgrading the software, without having to replace the magnet or go through the costly hassle of a new installation of a machine. This reduces your downtime (from a 30-day rig out to just a 5-day upgrade with new applications training for your team) and saves your budget from construction costs like removing a wall or window and having to replace your RF shield (why spend half a million when you can get the advancements your facility needs for $250,000?).

When we talk about investing in an upgrade, what we’re really talking about is a cost-effective, time-saving way to advance the capabilities of your MRI machine.

Which Upgrade is Right for You?

Each evolution in the software isn’t reinventing the wheel – it is advancing your capabilities through increased computing power/speed and the power of higher channel coils.

With the GE Continuum, you have the upgradeability that enables you to advance the capability of your system with new surface coils, new software applications, or even new system platforms without replacing the magnet.

Remember, scalability is on your side. Whether you are looking to move from 4-channel to 8-channel HD coils or your facility does enough moving anatomy scans to warrant a jump to a 16x or 23x system, upgrading your system doesn’t need to be a million-dollar investment.

Want an Expert Opinion?

SWMR provides the system type, options and/or coils that are required to produce the diagnostic imaging results required by your facility. Connect with our sales and rental department to help you decide which upgrade is best for you.

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