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Jarrell GRE IG with RAC rev.D or Higher

Jarrell GRE IG with RAC rev.D or Higher

SKU 5147443-2 Category Tag
Part Number: 5147443-2
Subsystem: Console
Purchase Type: Exchange
Warranty: 90 Days
Manufacturer: GE
Modality: CT
Model Compatibility: Lightspeed 16
Software Version: 4X, 5X
Associated Part Numbers:
Return and Exchange Policy:


Jarrell GRE IG Computer 5147443-2 image generation computer is the newest revision of the IG computer and functions as an image computing node in cooperation with the Data Acquisiton and Reconstruction Computer. within the GOC 4 console of the GE lightspeed series CT scanner. The IG node functions as a high performance image generation calculator. The GE CT Global Operator Console v4 accomodates up to 5 IG nodes that communicate with the VDARC via independent gigabit connections. The supplied Jarrell IG computer does not include mouse, keyboard or any Other peripheral components.All IG computers are bench-tested, pass OEM specifications and are ready for use with GE Lightspeed Consoles. Order your Jarrell GRE IG Computer 5147443-2 today! Rush delivery available.


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