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1 Gallon Glycol 50/50 MIX (PINK 50%Glycol / 50%Distiled Water)

1 Gallon Glycol 50/50 MIX (PINK 50%Glycol / 50%Distiled Water)

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Part Number: 2260427
Subsystem: Other
Purchase Type: Outright
Condition: NEW
Warranty: 90 Days
Manufacturer: GE
Modality: MRI
Model Compatibility: Other
Software Version: 9X, 11X, 12X, 14X, 15X, 16X, 20X, 21X, 22X
Associated Part Numbers: 2138791
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Body coil coolant 2260427 contains a mixture of 65% deionized water and 35% Dowtherm SR-1 fluid (ethylene glycol) that provides high performance heat transfer in extreme temperatures. This body chiller coolant mixture is dyed pink for easy leak detection and the solution contains high grade corrosive inhibitors to keep you chiller system free of any build up and contaminants. The pink body coil coolant solution 2260427 is designed for use with GE MRI Signa LX 1.5T, GE MRI Signa Excite LX 1.5T, GE CT LightSpeed 7.X VCT 64-Slice, CT LightSpeed 3.X Ultra 8-Slice, and multiple compatible coolant systems such as Lytron and Neslab chiller systems.


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