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Mobile MRI Cost Vs Need

Mobile MRI Cost vs Need

How to Know Which Mobile MRI is Right for You

Evaluate Your MRI Needs

One of the first questions to arise when searching for the right mobile MRI unit is how much does a mobile MRI cost? Well, the simple answer is that it all depends on what your imaging needs are. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the overall cost of a mobile MRI scanner. Before you purchase one, you should ask your provider these questions to get a better understanding of which mobile MRI scanner is right for you!

5 MRI Questions to Ask Your Provider

  1. In regards to mobile MRI size requirements, would you prefer to have more space or a slimmer profile?
  2. How many patients do you plan on scanning per day?
  3. Are you interested in a mobile unit provided by a manufacturer (more expensive) or are you interested in a mobile provided by an independent service organization (more cost-efficient)?
  4. Do you want to buy or lease?
  5. Most importantly, does the provider own the equipment or will they be brokering out the lease to a third party?

One of the biggest factors that will affect total out-of-pocket costs is whether your imaging center plans on buying the mobile unit outright or you plan on signing a termed leasing agreement. Buying a mobile MRI scanner may require more initial out-of-pocket expenditure but leads to a significant cost saving if you plan on keeping the mobile unit for an extended period. On the other hand, mobile MRI leases provide flexible financing options that require lower initial out-of-pocket expenditure and can include service agreements or discounted service rates for added savings.

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