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Protecting Your MRI’s Magnet: Essential Tips for the Summer Season


At SWMR, we understand the critical role your imaging system plays in delivering accurate diagnoses and providing high-quality healthcare

One crucial component of your imaging system that requires special attention, especially during the scorching summer months, is the magnet. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of maintaining your imaging system’s magnet and share some essential tips to protect it from potential failure in the heat of summer. 

By taking proactive measures, you can ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your valuable medical equipment!

The Importance of Your Imaging System’s Magnet

The magnet inside your medical imaging system is the powerhouse that enables the production of high-resolution images for accurate diagnoses. It creates a strong magnetic field that interacts with the body’s natural signals, allowing the system to capture detailed images of internal structures. 
However, because the magnet is a critical and expensive component of your equipment, ensuring its longevity and integrity is incredibly important to maintaining your imaging system’s performance long into the future.

Tips to Protect Your Imaging System’s Magnet During Summer

  • Monitor and regulate the ambient temperature | Regularly check the ambient temperature in the room where your imaging system is housed. Aim to maintain a temperature range within the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines. Feeling extra cautious? Consider using air conditioning or appropriate ventilation systems to ensure a controlled environment.
  • Prevent direct exposure to sunlight | Sunlight can significantly contribute to increased temperatures within the scanning room. Minimize direct exposure by using blinds, curtains, or UV-blocking films on windows. Additionally, ensure that the cooling systems or air conditioning vents aren’t obstructed by stored objects or debris.
  • Optimize cooling systems | Ensure your imaging system’s cooling systems, such as air conditioners or chillers, are functioning optimally. Regularly clean or replace air filters to maintain efficient airflow and prevent overheating.
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines | Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for magnet care, maintenance, and recommended service intervals. These guidelines are designed to maximize the lifespan and performance of your imaging system, allowing you to stay up and running longer.
  • Educate staff members | Train your staff members on the importance of magnet care and how to identify signs of potential magnet failure. Encourage them to report any unusual noises, vibrations, or changes in image quality promptly.

Preparing for the Summer Season: What to Watch Out For

With the scorching summer heat and the potential risks it brings, here are a few weather-specific tips that emphasize the importance of safeguarding your magnet.

Lightning Storms and Power Surges

Summer is notorious for its thunderstorms, and lightning strikes can induce power surges that pose a threat to your imaging system’s magnet. Sudden electrical surges can disrupt the delicate balance of the magnet, resulting in diminished image quality or even permanent damage. 

To protect against this, we recommend investing in surge protectors or uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to safeguard your system from unexpected power fluctuations caused by lightning strikes.

Brownouts and Voltage Fluctuations

Brownouts, or temporary drops in voltage, are common during summer months due to increased power demand. These voltage fluctuations can adversely affect your imaging system’s magnet. 

Ensure that your facility’s electrical infrastructure is in optimal condition, with stable voltage levels within the recommended range for your specific system. 

If you notice recurrent voltage issues, consider installing a voltage regulator or consult an electrician to address any electrical irregularities.

Air Conditioner Failures and Temperature Control

High temperatures during the summer can strain air conditioning units, leading to unexpected failures and subsequent irregular temperatures in your imaging suite. Excessive heat can have a detrimental impact on the magnet’s performance and stability. 

To prevent overheating, regularly maintain and service your facility’s air conditioning system, ensuring it is capable of maintaining a controlled and stable environment for your imaging equipment. Monitor temperature levels closely and take immediate action if deviations occur.

Protecting Against Heat and Humidity

The combination of summer heat and humidity can create a challenging environment for your medical imaging system’s magnet. Excessive moisture can lead to corrosion and affect the magnet’s performance. To combat this, employ dehumidifiers in areas with high humidity levels, particularly where the magnet is located. 
Regularly clean and inspect the magnet’s housing, ensuring it is free from dust, debris, and moisture. And, when in doubt, consult your equipment’s user manual or SWMR’s technical support team for specific guidelines on cleaning procedures.

Regular Maintenance and Professional Inspections

Maintaining a consistent schedule for magnet inspections and preventive maintenance is paramount to ensuring its longevity and performance. 

Schedule routine maintenance checks with our experienced service technicians to identify and address any potential issues before they escalate. They can provide valuable insights on best practices for magnet care and offer recommendations for optimizing performance!


Your medical imaging system’s magnet is a critical component that requires careful attention and protection—especially during the heat of summer! 

By following the tips outlined above, you can mitigate potential risks such as lightning storms, power surges, brownouts, air conditioner failures, and irregular temperatures. 

Remember, regular maintenance, monitoring, and prompt action are key to safeguarding your magnet and ensuring the continued delivery of high-quality diagnostic images for the benefit of your patients!

Together, we can ensure that your medical imaging equipment operates optimally, even in the face of summer’s challenges.

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