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Coil Refurbishment Process

refurbished medical equipment

How are parts refurbished?

Coil Refurbishment Process

When a used coil come is it typically has cosmetic paint and fiberglass issued. To refurbish the part the coil electronics are removed and placed in static bags. The technician applies replacement fiberglass that has been sanded smooth, primed, and painted in the OEM color scheme. It is then allowed to cure for 24-48 hours and reassembled. Once assembled it goes to the coil technicians for quality co

ntrol and live testing on a functional MRI. If the coil passes all tests then it is made ready for sale. If the coil fails it is sent to repair for component level repair and tuning and then sent back to live testing.

Packaging process

Parts are placed in electrostatic bagging and then in a box containing either high density pre-cut foam specific to the part or surrounded by instipack with our blow foam machine to ensure safe and secure delivery.

General Southwest Stats

  • Extensive inventory of over $15 million
  • Warehouse of 140,000 square foot
  • Located in Ontario, California
  • Within 5-60 minutes from 5 different local and international airports
  • Parts depot is staffed 24/7
  • MRI coils to CT tubes to PET detectors
  • Inventory of parts that will help satisfy any need

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