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Empowering the customer through the power of Remote Diagnostics


Southwest Medical Resources or SWMR, empowers our customers to maintain their own equipment and to meet the OEM specifications the way they’re designed to be met.

Remote Diagnostics

One of the key ways we empower our customers is by providing them with backups and a helpful eye in the form of remote monitoring, by being able to tell the air conditioner,water chiller or power is giving you problems. You will be notified ahead of time and issues may be coming. I used to not think that that was possible and anybody saying that they could do that was making it up.

We started developing our remote diagnostics a long time ago, and through that development process we’ve had people that were just looking at the data we are now to the point where they’ll take that data and they’ll go, “Hey, look the air conditioning is set at 68 degrees,” I see that over the last couple of weeks it’s been going up to 70 and 72. It’s warmer in their area. That through our experience, through what we’ve seen 100 times before we know it means that their air conditioning needs to be serviced. That as soon as it gets hot, it will likely go up to a 90 in the room resulting in down days. We can mitigate these down times with one phone call to the customer.

It’s an unbelievable thing to be able to give customers the ability to know their chiller or air conditioning system needs to be serviced ahead of time.

We didn’t believe it was possible but through extensive real world experience, we have systems that are actually getting preemptive with notice that they will break, and we are finding problems before they impact valuable scan time.

People have a nature, who you are and who you are about, and my wife and I, in our nature, we’re people that are servants.

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