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Importance of Refurbishment and Testing

GE MRI refurbishment and testing

What is the importance of refurbishment and testing?

A previously owned system will undergo a refurbishment process to be restored to the same quality as a new system using original parts, test equipment and procedures. Service coverage, including things like installation, warranty, applications training and technical service support can be included similar to or even the same as a new system or part. Refurbished systems tend to be more reliable with less downtime. This results in lower maintenance costs and a low cost of ownership.

Cost savings remains the primary reason healthcare facilities invest in refurbished equipment. However, achieving cost savings and maintaining fiscal responsibility shouldn’t be the only motivation. Competitive strategies should also play a role. Key issues that should be addressed are overall investment strategy and how the equipment will help attract new patients and referring physicians and clinicians.

Extensive refurbishing processes assure everything is technically and cosmetically refurbished to both look and perform like new. Each system is quality certified and will meet or exceed OEM specifications while providing a cost-effective option.

Full Refurbishment Process

  • System inspection and performance evaluation
  • De-install and disinfect
  • Rigorous tests in test bays and repair facility
  • Equipment staging: power-up and functionality checks
  • Defective and worn parts replaced
  • Previous patient data removed per HIPPA regulations
  • System packaging and transport
  • Instillation and calibration to OEM new specifications

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