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New Vs. Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment

new vs refurbished medical equipment

At one point or another there comes the need to purchase a new part or repair a part on your medical equipment. How do you determined the cost and benefit of purchasing used imaging parts compared to new medical imaging equipment parts?

The difference between refurbished and new medical equipment parts

What is a new medical imaging part?

A new part is one that has been purchased directly from the manufacturer and has never been used before. It has gone through that OEM’s QA for manufacturing, development, etc.

What is a refurbished medical imaging part?

Refurbished diagnostic imaging replacement parts are used parts being purchased that have been tested, calibrated, upgraded with new parts, and come with a warranty. This option is as close to “new” as you can get while being more cost effective.

Medical diagnostic machinery can be extremely expensive. When there is a failure of any part of the machinery, replacement of the whole machine with a new one can lead to higher expenses. With part replacement comes a better, quicker and more cost effective solution.

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