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The company service companies rely on

GE MRI service

It is common for us to go in and do really high-end calibration, maybe a passive shim or a supercon shim, for a company that has the ability to service equipment, but doesn’t have the ability to do some of the specialized work. Our direct competitor in service, they’re a local company that already has the service contract, we’ll come in and be their vendor, doing their services for them. In order to do this you have to act with integrity, and not step over somebody that’s brought you in to serve. We believe this mentality is the best way to provide the customer the best services possible.

If you’re about serving the customers’ needs, it makes it very simple to make sure you’re looking out for their best interest. Most people don’t have that ability to put themselves aside. The best service possible starts with “This isn’t what’s in my best interest, this is what’s in your best interest and what you need to have happen.”

SWMR will do what’s in our clients best interest. You will know we take your best interest to heart, because we will tell you all of your possible options. We believe honesty and transparency builds trust.

When a customer calls us looking for solutions, our most common question is be, “Why?” By asking why, we get exactly what they’re trying to solve instead of the solutions they’ve already been sold. You need to get to the root of the problem to provide a more value-based opportunity or more value-based option to fix the problem. It could mean a less expensive piece of equipment, a far less large subsystem of a part to repair what they’re doing, or a smaller calibration to make the equipment work the way it should.

I don’t know how many times a customer has called me and said, “My service is really lacking, I need to have a service contract and a new piece of equipment. So you’re going sell me a new piece of equipment and give me a service contract on my equipment, and I understand you can upgrade my old magnet.” We can see they know a little bit about us, I can upgrade their old magnet, I can give them a new piece of equipment and maintain their service because their equipment’s really lacking right now. This leads to a full-blown evaluation on their system, we find out that they’re out of Cals, their equipment’s not working as well as it could be or optimally, and that we can just fine-tune their equipment. So, we’ll go in and we’ll tune their equipment up as part of normal service and when the customer’s done, they may see that, “I really don’t need an upgrade. My equipment works the way it used to.” Now, I’ve lost an upgrade but I’ve gained a customer for life because we have them what they needed instead of just selling them what they thought they wanted.

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