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The History and Evolution of SWMR

In the beginning

Original intent as a company was to be the company behind other companies. When companies said, “I can do this,” we worked behind the scenes to make it happen. And we made it happen on specific types of equipment, MRIs, CTs, specifically GE equipment because that was where our backgrounds were, and our job was just to bring what other vendors said they could do to fruition.

The Evolution

The evolution of the company came from the blatantly obvious need for parts, so parts were purchased. From there it was a simply evolution to servicing end users. End users started to find out who we were and what we were good at so we became an end-user service company. From there we started to need our own parts to fix our servicing equipment, thus we developed a very large inventory of parts to support our service contracts.

Next we moved to repairing and testing parts. Our unique abilities to build test jigs, build in upgrades, and after-market opportunities allowed the equipment to do what it needed to do. It had the ability to do this without having the full piece of equipment there, and made us unique in the market of repair and testing.

We have evolved that over a decade now into different departments including magnet repair and coldheads, compressors, all the way down to the coils and the coil pieces for MRIs and the tubes and other components for CT.

It’s this evolution that today continues to make us the company that fixes other companies.

In our infancy, we were the company behind other companies making what they said come true. In our evolution, we have evolved into a testing and repair and after-market provider of services, upgrades, refurbished equipment, parts and parts testing. Now we’ve come full circle, and with the evolution of our RDU and the demand in the market for remote diagnostics. Magnet services allows us to be the support company for other companies again. Still direct to customers, but the real growth comes from delivering those services to other companies better than anybody else, so they can continue to do what they do best. Southwest Medical Resources or SWMR, empowers our customer to maintain their equipment and to meet the OEM specifications the way they’re designed to be met.


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