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What Does “End of Life” Mean for Your GE MRI Scanner?

End of life for your GR MRI scanner

What is End of Life?

When an OEM, such as GE, decides that a system is at the “end of serviceable life,” what they are basically saying is that they will no longer be making parts for that machine. You may have heard this term used to reference an older model system or you may have received a recent end of life (EOL) letter in the mail in regards to your 9x and 11x MRI machines.

Most likely the manufacturer has warned about discontinued field service and limited or unavailable parts for repairs and maintenance requirements. However grave this announcement seems, it doesn’t mean your current MRI system is going to fall to pieces with your next scan. In fact, many EOL systems can continue to function for an additional 5-10 years if they are properly maintained.

What Does It Mean for You?

The goal of the manufacturer is to sell you a new MRI machine. And this may be the route you decide to take. However, it’s not your only choice.

If you’ve received a notice that your OEM will no longer support your magnet or provide new parts for it, then you have two options.

1. Look for an upgrade

2. Get your “still good, just not as new” MRI machine serviced by a third-party service provider

Option #2 gives you the chance to continue to use your MRI system even after its been retired by the manufacturer. A third party service provider, like SouthWest, has the refurbished parts you need to maintain your MRI system. Our 140,000 sq ft warehouse stocks over $20 million in parts and catalogs over 20,000 GE parts. Learn more about Parts Plus.

Is There Still Life in Your MRI System?

Not only is continued use of your MRI system a cost-effective solution, but it has additional benefits as well:

1. Not having to interrupt patient care in order to install a new system

2. Avoiding having to train your team on using the new software and interface of an upgraded machine

3. Engineers are already experienced with working on the current model for any servicing and maintenance needs

4. And of course, greater profitability

Deciding if your end of life system requires an upgrade or simply a switch to a third party service provider really comes down to cost, time, and need. Do you have the funds to afford the latest model? Does your facility have the time available to install a new system? Can your current system continue to function with refurbished parts and ongoing maintenance?

What it comes down to: Just because an MRI machine has been discontinued by the OEM, doesn’t mean you can’t continue to use it. Partnering with a provider like SouthWest can breathe new life into your EOL machines.

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