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Who are Industry Experts

GE MRI industry experts

You really don’t get an opportunity to establish yourself as an industry expert when it comes to any product, the industry decides that. And the industry has decided that Southwest Medical Resources is an industry expert due to the fact we have served our customers well by sharing our expertise.

If it’s by an OEM calling us and having us do their support on their second source equipment, on their multi-vendor services; if it’s by an OEM calling us and saying, “We need your parts or we need your support or we need your remote diagnostics,” the OEMs which are doing the multi-vendor services for other companies or for clients are deciding who we are.

Independent service organizations call and ask for a one-time service, which might be supercon shimming their magnet, changing their tube, de-installing their equipment and moving it from location to that location, or it might be just refurbishing their equipment. It is those people deciding who the industry expert is. The people that run into the fire when it’s going on, are the people that become the industry experts. Most people hide from the fire and try and make sure that they don’t get burned. SWMR people run into the fire, and if you run in, you’re going to become that expert over time. It just happens.

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